Non-Blast Rated Buildings

Non-Blast Rated Buildings

Non-Blast Rated Buildings

Total Plant Management Group engineers and fabricates non-blast rated buildings and industrial prefabricated steel buildings for numerous applications. Our experts will deliver a personalized non-blast rated control building to your permanent facility or temporary field site. These modular industrial buildings protect critical electrical components to maximize uptime and ensure peak efficiency. We invite you to request a quote from TPMG for a non-blast resistant or modular steel structure that meets your protection requirements. 

Modular Non-Blast Rated Buildings

A modular non-blast rated building is a structure that holds critical electrical components and systems, including voltage switchgear, relay panels, motor control centers and other instruments. The devices inside these prefabricated buildings, as well as the people operating or maintaining them, need ample protection from environmental hazards. Modular enclosure buildings provide 360-degree coverage against weather and debris. Plus, enclosure buildings feature temperature control, air purification and pressurization to establish a safe internal climate for all critical electrical components while ensuring peak energy efficiency. 

At TPMG, we design self-contained industrial enclosure buildings according to your precise needs. We'll come to your location with a prewired, pretested and fully integrated structure that's ready to work upon arrival. Our modular enclosures feature durable steel and high-performance insulation to protect anything inside from the elements. Work with TPMG to customize one of our numerous types of non-blast rated portable structures, including: 

  • E-Houses
  • Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE)
  • Processing buildings
  • Control rooms 
  • Driller's control cabins 
  • Security buildings
  • Switchgear enclosures
  • Motor control center buildings 
  • Laboratories 

Benefits of Modular Enclosure Structures & Industrial Prefabricated Steel Buildings

TPMG produces some of the most reliable control buildings to empower your business to capitalize on all of the enclosures' benefits. Here are a few ways your business can benefit from covering vital electrical equipment with a modular structure: 

Climate Control

Non-blast resistant control buildings house essential equipment that keeps your operation up and running. These vital electrical components are sensitive to environmental factors, especially moisture and humidity. With a dependable enclosure covering your equipment, you can rest assured knowing that rain and snow stay out. These structures use positive and negative air pressure according to the outside temperature to prevent water vapor from forming inside and damaging equipment. 


Enclosure structures maximize uptime so your staff can work efficiently and tackle more jobs. Environmental hazards threaten your critical electronic systems, especially those sensitive to water. Establishing a reliable protective structure around vital electronic components will prevent circumstances that damage your electrical equipment and slow your business down. 

Financial Savings

An enclosure structure can save your company money in several areas. First, the enclosure will prevent equipment damage, meaning you'll save time and money that would've gone toward repairs. Additionally, enclosure buildings increase energy efficiency. We design our structures to include insulation and air pressurization, resulting in consistent internal climates and cost-efficient energy use. 

Industries We Serve

TPMG has engineered and manufactured hundreds of portable enclosure structures for companies in numerous industries. We'll leverage our expertise and versatility to develop an enclosure building according to your application's needs. The industries we design modular non-blast rated enclosure buildings for include: 

  • Gensets, power generation and energy 
  • Government
  • Military
  • Data centers 
  • Telecom

Why Total Plant Management Group? 

When it comes to protecting vital electrical equipment, you want to put your trust in the best. At TMPG, we have the expertise and versatility it takes to perform top-level work regardless of your industry or specifications. Our enclosure buildings feature durable materials engineered and fabricated to withstand everything your job site has in store. Here are the reasons our clients choose TPMG for non-blast resistant control buildings: 

  • Work-ready enclosures: We perform all necessary wiring, testing and integration during the manufacturing process to ensure your portable building arrives ready to install and use. 
  • Turnkey services: Our experts are available from the planning stage through installation and maintenance. Count on TMPG as your single-source partner for non-blast resistant structures. 
  • Diverse customization options: Our experience positions us to develop enclosures for numerous environments, industries and applications. We'll work closely with you to ensure your non-blast resistant buildings meet your needs. 
  • Certified labor: TPMG holds certifications like the ISO 9000 and licensure with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to verify our engineering and manufacturing quality. 
  • American quality: TPMG is a domestic company with experienced engineers and fabricators who build enclosure structures in the United States. You can count on us for American-made quality and passionate customer service representatives who want to see other U.S. companies succeed. 

Order Custom Non-Blast Rated Buildings

Ready to purchase dependable non-blast resistant portable buildings for your facility or field site? TPMG's engineers and fabrication experts are here to build a modular enclosure structure according to your specifications. You can also upgrade your enclosure structure to a blast resistant product for job sites where an explosion may be possible. For more information on our non-blast resistant enclosure buildings, please contact us online or request a quote today!