Remote Instrument Enclosures and Buildings

Remote Instrument Enclosures and Buildings

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Total Plant Management Group offers turnkey services for remote instrument enclosures (RIE) in the United States. Our expert engineers, manufacturers, installation technicians and project managers will equip your facility with a fully integrated RIE that suits your working environment. We have decades of experience developing and servicing RIEs for companies in various industries, so we're capable of providing a custom solution for your needs. Request a quote online to begin planning an RIE for your facility or job site. 

Prefabricated Buildings for Safety and Efficiency

Businesses in any industry depend on electrical equipment and hard-working personnel to perform at their best. Providing a safe environment for your facility's vital equipment and staff is critical to your success. At TPMG, we produce prefabricated RIEs for businesses across industries.

An RIE is a structure that houses electrical equipment separate from your main building. An RIE can also serve as a workspace for your employees. 

RIE buildings feature materials like galvanized steel, fiberglass, concrete or other durable options that protect anything and anyone inside from the environment. Most RIEs are skid-mounted for portability and reusability. 

We deliver work-ready RIE buildings that arrive at your facility pre-wired and fully integrated with power distribution equipment. Our manufacturers and engineers test each component before delivery to ensure your RIE meets all electrical and regulatory requirements for your facility. 

As a turnkey service provider with a 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, we design the structure, acquire the materials and fabricate each component in-house. We also outfit our RIEs with essential utilities like HVAC, lighting, air filtration and fire detection equipment to ensure a safe working environment. Being involved with every step of the RIE's life cycle allows us to customize structures to meet your precise needs. 

RIE Buildings for All Outdoor Environments

At TPMG, we engineer and fabricate RIE structures for various industries and environments. Our experience and resources enable us to customize scalable structures for specific needs. Work with us for blast-rated, standard and modular RIE buildings. 

Blast-Rated Buildings

We design blast-rated remote instrument enclosures that protect personnel and equipment in the event of an explosion. Install one of these structures at your facility or job site if there's a chance that an explosion will occur. A blast-resistant RIE features thick structural materials that withstand environmental hazards. We can outfit your RIE with blast-resistant electrical components, as well.  

A blast-rated RIE can also contain an explosion that occurs inside its walls to prevent damage to other parts of your facility. Containing blasts reduces the risk of widespread fire. 

Standard RIE Buildings

Our standard metal structures are non-blast-rated RIE buildings. These buildings protect personnel and critical electrical equipment from environmental hazards like moisture and humidity. 

We'll engineer and fabricate your RIE building according to your precise specifications to ensure maximum value. Tell us what electrical systems you'll need and we'll deliver a work-ready RIE building to your facility or job site. Each standard RIE building features an airtight seal, HVAC ductwork and wall insulation for complete control over temperature and air quality.

Modular Buildings

A modular non-blast-rated RIE building provides the highest level of flexibility for industrial settings. Modular structures come in various components that combine to form the finished building. We'll engineer and manufacture each element at our facility, then deliver it to your location for installation. 

Modular construction is one of the most efficient methods because it allows us to construct floors, walls, ceilings and other features simultaneously. Plus, modular buildings are easy to update with new features or entire rooms. We can deliver, assemble and scale your modular RIE building quickly so that your project stays on or ahead of schedule. 

Industries We Serve 

At TPMG, we've spent decades providing turnkey RIE building services for customers in numerous industries. Our prefabrication capabilities empower businesses like yours to operate at full capacity with minimal downtime. Industries we serve include:

  • Power and energy: Our structures offer the environmental protection your facility needs to produce energy and distribute it to consumers. 
  • Government: We develop RIE buildings that help local, state and federal agencies maintain power and follow a budget. 
  • Military: Our modular and blast-rated RIE buildings are ideal for even the most remote active military bases. 
  • Telecommunications: We'll equip your telecom facility with structures that protect the equipment keeping your service running. 
  • Data centers: Our engineers and fabricators have the resources and experience to construct RIE buildings for even the largest data centers. Why TPMG?


At TPMG, we've established a reputation for excellence that draws attention from the organizations providing many of the nation's most critical services. Clients in numerous vital industries choose TPMG for: 

  • Safety: Our durable RIE buildings protect workers, equipment and surrounding structures from environmental hazards. 
  • Reliability: We work closely with every client to understand and accommodate their most precise needs. 
  • Turnkey capabilities: Our services range from project planning to installation, maintenance and enhancement. 
  • American manufacturing: We operate out of the United States and have a legacy of stellar labor.

Request a Quote for RIE Structures 

TPMG is ready to tailor an RIE building to your facility or job site, so request a quote to see how we can solve your needs.

Blast Rated Building

Blast Rated Building
  • High Response
    • High Damage with structural Integrity lost
    • May collapse due to environmental factors
    • Total cost of repairs approaches replacement cost
  • Medium Response
    • Widespread damage
    • Repairable
    • Total cost of repairs is significant
  • Low Response
    • Localized damage
    • Minimal repairs
    • Damage only to outside skin or envelope and can be easily repaired

Non Blast Rated Building

Non Blast Rated Building
  • Remote Instrument Enclosure (RIE)
  • E-Houses
  • Processing Buildings
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosures
  • Control Rooms
  • Motor Control Center Buildings
  • Switchgear Enclosures
  • Driller’s Control Cabin
  • VFD / SCR Houses
  • Analyzer Buildings & Shelters
  • Laboratories
  • Field Offices & Shelters
  • Operator Shelters
  • Security Buildings
  • Custom Buildings, Enclosures and Shelters

Modular Building

Modular Building
  • Interlocking / welded panels
  • Fast mobilization
  • Rapid expansion capabilities
  • Easy installation with all terrain and climate deploy ability
  • Custom construction capabilities
  • Blast Rated or non-blast rated

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