Blast Rated Buildings for the Telecommunications Industry

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Total Plant Management Group engineers, manufactures and installs protective buildings for telecommunications equipment. Our steel remote instrument enclosure (RIE) buildings protect critical equipment against structural damage and theft. We also seal and insulate these buildings to ensure a suitable internal climate for sensitive machinery. As a leading telecom E-House developer, TPMG provides turnkey services that maximize the benefits of using an RIE structure. 

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Prefabricated Steel Buildings for the Telecom Industry

As a business operating in the telecommunications industry, you face the challenge of housing large quantities of vital electrical systems near your facility. It's often most effective to find an outside space to store the equipment that provides electricity and network connectivity, but your instruments still need environmental protection and climate control. RIE buildings offer the coverage your electrical distribution and network connectivity equipment need for cost-effective operation. 

At TPMG, we construct durable RIE buildings for the telecommunications industry. Our RIE buildings are modular steel structures that we engineer at our 65,000-square-foot facility. Modular construction makes it possible to fabricate each element simultaneously at our facility, deliver the components to your location and then assemble the final product. We're capable of scaling and updating our telecom RIE buildings by creating new modules that fit seamlessly with the rest of the structure.  

TPMG engineers can develop a custom RIE structure for your telecommunications equipment. Our standard protective steel buildings include sufficient ventilation and temperature control to avoid moisture damage and overheating equipment. We also design blast-rated RIE structures for telecom industry facilities to prevent outside explosions from damaging sensitive equipment and contain blasts that occur on the inside. 

Turnkey Services for Telecom Protective Structures

TPMG is here to help you design and implement the ideal RIE structure for your facility. We customize protective structures for telecom data centers, electrical components, supplies and other equipment. Our services include:

  • Engineering and design: We develop plans for RIE structures that solve telecom equipment storage challenges. 
  • Fabrication and manufacturing: We use cost-effective modular construction methods to craft each component.
  • Delivery and installation: We'll transport each module to your facility or field location and assemble it quickly. 
  • Project management: Our experts will plan, build, install and manage your telecom blast-rated building.  

Benefits of Modular Prefabricated Buildings for the Telecom Industry 

RIE structures are the ideal choice to protect sensitive electrical distribution and telecommunications equipment because of several advantages:

  • Production speed: We build floors, walls, ceilings and other elements simultaneously so that the entire structure will be ready faster than one constructed from the ground up.  
  • Production costs: The speed at which we develop and install RIE buildings keeps labor costs low while reducing downtime and boosting productivity. 
  • Structure scalability: You can expand or upgrade your RIE building by adding modules. 
  • Energy consumption: RIE buildings facilitate an environment that helps vital telecommunication facility devices and the systems that cool them operate at peak efficiency.

Choose TPMG for Telecom Protective Structures

The engineers and manufacturers at TPMG are ready to embrace your telecom facility's needs and develop an RIE structure that resolves issues. To get started, request a quote online today!