Blast Rated RIE for the Energy and Power Industry

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Total Plant Management Group produces blast-rated structures for businesses in various corners of the energy industry. Our experience includes integrating battery systems, power conversion equipment, rectifiers, switchgear and switchboards, motor controls, communications equipment, variable speed drives and SCADA systems.

At TPMG, we design enclosures, shelters and skids for all applicable seismic conditions and wind speeds above 180 MPH. Our structures meet UL 752-projectile resistance and a minimum of one- to two-hour fire ratings. We engineer diverse designs to meet rigging restrictions. Work with us for reach-in, walk-in or walk-around designs. 

Our structures feature formed interlocking steel panels or welded panels for durability. We add features like motorized intake and discharge dampers, stationary weather protected louvers or aluminum gravity shutters according to your needs.

TPMG has the full capabilities to design, engineer, manufacture and deliver blast-rated structures (RIEs) to meet your custom needs. Professional Engineer stamping and certifications are available as required.

Modular Buildings for Power Companies 

Modular steel buildings are durable structures that your power industry business can use to house and protect critical electrical systems at a competitive cost. The structures feature prefabricated steel components that combine to form the complete building. We engineer and manufacture each piece at our facility, so we can build, deliver and assemble faster than what is possible through traditional construction methods. 

As a turnkey steel enclosure building provider for energy companies, TPMG is here to customize a structure for your needs. We'll partner with your decision-makers through every step of the process to provide solutions specific to your industry and job site. Choose TPMG for engineering, fabrication, project management and more. 

Protective Structures for Power Industry Supplies

At TPMG, we engineer and manufacture steel enclosure buildings that provide the highest levels of protection for energy industry businesses like yours. Our standard and modular RIE buildings cover, seal and insulate the equipment they house against the outdoor climate. 

Blast-Rated Protection for Gensets

As a business in the energy industry, your Gensets are critical to your ability to provide power in new developments or areas without connection to the larger grid. Protecting your Gensets will ensure your facility provides consistent power to every customer, especially commercial customers whose workers would be in danger without natural gas. 

Blast-rated buildings protect the equipment inside from nearby explosions and fires while also containing damage if a blast occurs from within. Choose a blast-rated structure to ensure your power company can continue providing services in any situation. 

With TPMG, you can house multiple generators in a single, modular blast-rated RIE power house. Our turnkey services are available to build a new RIE structure according to your requirements and preferences. We can also make engine and generator modifications or add accessories to meet your needs.

Rapid Installation and Integration

TPMG uses modular construction methods to develop steel enclosure buildings for the energy industry. Modular construction is the key to providing the most efficient services. By building each component simultaneously, we can deliver the entire structure at once and install it quickly. Your structure will arrive with all necessary wiring and infrastructure for rapid integration with your facility's electricity and other utilities. 

Request a Quote for Power Industry RIE Buildings

TPMG is ready to help you develop an RIE structure that protects the equipment allowing you to meet your power generation needs. We encourage you to request a quote today to begin customizing a protective structure for your power industry facility.