Government Blast Rated Buildings

Total Plant Management Group offers turnkey services that outfit government facilities with durable steel structures called remote instrument enclosures (RIE) that protect critical assets and electrical equipment. Our experts develop custom solutions that reduce costs and maximize productivity in municipal settings. We'll partner with your leadership from the planning stages through installation to tailor a government E-House to your needs. Request a quote from TPMG to start designing protective buildings for government use. 

Protective Structures for Government Use

TPMG designs, manufactures, installs and integrates modular steel buildings that house the equipment necessary for distributing electricity to your facility, like variable frequency drives (VFD), voltage switchgear (SWGR) and motor control centers (MCC). These structures may also contain vital network equipment like servers, routers, storage systems and more. Each electrical or network component plays a role in helping your staff accomplish tasks. 

Housing electrical equipment in a modular steel building will protect it from environmental factors and other hazards that could cause damage and disrupt service. RIE structures have durable steel walls that protect against blunt force, rain, vandalism and theft. These walls are sealed, insulated and ventilated to ensure a safe internal climate for sensitive electrical systems. 

TPMG has engineers, manufacturers, builders and project managers ready to provide turnkey RIE services. We'll assess your government facility's needs and develop a protective structure prepared for the job. Our experts produce RIE structures for government offices, police stations, courthouses, data centers and various other municipal facilities. Work with TPMG for the following types of protective government E-Houses: 

  • Blast-rated buildings for government use 
  • Non-blast rated structures or government use 
  • Modular structures for government use 

RIE Engineering and Design for Government Facilities 

Every government building is different, meaning each has unique requirements for its electrical infrastructure and telecommunications network. The engineering and design team at TPMG will develop custom RIE structures fit to house electrical components. We'll consider your power needs and location to engineer a modular building that provides the right level of protection. 

RIE Manufacturing and Fabrication for Government Facilities 

The TPMG manufacturing and fabrication team constructs RIE structures according to the specifications you determine alongside our engineering team. Our 65,000-square-foot facility has the space for us to construct RIE buildings of all sizes. We'll produce each component of your structure, then deliver it to your government building for final assembly. 

Benefits of RIE Government Buildings 

TPMG has RIE buildings that help government agencies maintain efficient operations and tight budgets. Here are some of the ways your municipality can benefit from our protective structures: 

  • Protect electrical equipment: Our RIE buildings ensure safe, climate-controlled environments for vital electrical equipment and the employees working around them. 
  • Reduce operational costs: We use a cost-effective modular building module to produce protective structures for government equipment that prevent costly equipment damage, boost energy efficiency and reduce downtime. 
  • Ensure scalability: Modular construction offers the ability to add to or update RIE buildings with ease. 
  • Facilitate mobility: The modular design makes it possible to transport an RIE building's components to remote locations or repurpose them at numerous facilities over time. 

Request a Quote From TPMG

TPMG's RIE structures ensure the productive, low-cost operation of government facilities across the United States. Request a quote today to discuss a custom protective structure for your government equipment.