Blast Rated RIE Gensets

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Complete Integration for Power Generation and Packaging

TPMG shapes the future in engineering and manufacturing by creating inventive blast rated RIE solutions for the power generation industry. With engineering and manufacturing capabilities in Houston, Texas, TPMG has the production capacity and logistical network to service our clients needs and expectations.

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Integrated Blast Rated RIE Genset Solutions & Strategies

TPMG is fully committed to delivering blast rated RIE power integration and solutions for prime, back-up, and critical-grade customers all over the country.

Integrated Blast Rated RIE Genset Capabilities include:

  • Multiple Generators housed in a Single, Modular Blast Rated RIE Power House
  • Engine and Generator Modifications plus Accessories to Meet Requirements & Preferences
  • Switchgear and ATS Line Ups Mounted & Cabled for Enclosures
  • Landfill and Natural Gas Applications
  • Combined Heat & Power and Cogeneration System Installations
  • Remote Radiator and Air Cooler Mounting & Connections
  • Aftermarket Emissions Equipment Installations
  • ISO Container Packages, including ISO 9001
  • Class 1 Div 1
  • Class 1 Div 2
  • Class 2 Div 1
  • Class 2 Div 2


Blast Rated RIE UL Enclosures

TPMG blast rated RIE UL Enclosures are built to withstand the effects of severe weather and harsh environments. From frigid conditions & extreme heat  to desert storms to hurricane winds. From ranges from 5KW to 4500KW, you can depend on TPMG blast rated enclosures to meet your requirements and more.

  • IBC Labeled
  • Formed Carbon or Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Formed Interlocking Steel Panels or Welded Panels
  • Diverse Designs to meet Rigging Restrictions
  • Reach In, Walk In or Walk Around Designs
  • Pre-Painted Aluminum Sheets
  • Weather Protected
  • Sound Attenuated
  • Insulated
  • Non-Insulated
  • Fire Rated
  • Wind Rated up to 150 MPH
  • Motorized Intake and Discharge Dampers
  • Aluminum Gravity Shutters
  • Stationary Weather Protected Louvers


TPMG offers multiple acoustical requirement options to reduce the environmental sound impact.

Acoustical Options Include:

  • Intake and Discharge Baffles
  • Acoustic Louvers
  • Acoustical Intake Penthouses
  • Directional Intake and Discharge Hoods
  • Custom Engine Exhaust Packages
  • High Transmission Block Wall Designs
  • All Acoustical Products are Designed to Assure Proper Air Delivery for Engine Operation

Sound baffles are heavy gauge formed galvanized construction with compression ratios designed to meet specific applications. All joints and seams are mechanically riveted, this design standard allows for superior structural integrity.

Various wall construction designs are available for all acoustic requirements, which include both interlocking and welded steel to meet design requirements.

Custom engine exhaust designs are available to finish off the total acoustic package whether interior or exterior mounted applications are utilized.

Additional Blast Rated RIE Options Available Include:

  • Intake and Discharge Baffles
  • Structural or Formed Plate Construction
  • Interior & Exterior Epoxy Paint Coatings
  • 110% to 200% Rupture Basin Capacities
  • Floor Plate in 7 and 10 Gauge Sheets or 3/16″ Diamond Deck Plate
  • Welded and Removable Lifting Eyes – 4 point and 6 point
  • Fill Pumps and Couplings for Remote Tanks and Bulk Fuel Transfer
  • Manual Fill Couplings with Spill Containment
  • Overfill Prevention Devices
  • Audible, Visual, and Remote Alarm Packages
  • Additional Spare Tank & Rupture Basin Connections
  • Acoustical Barriers
  • Drop-Deck Flooring Systems featuring Engine Fluid Containment
  • Skid Bases
  • Dunnage Bases
  • Heavy Duty Oilfield Skid Bases
  • Super Structures for Auxiliary Equipment Applications