Blast Rated Buildings for Data Centers

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Total Plant Management Group engineers and fabricates blast-resistant and non-blast-resistant modular structures for the data center industry. We use modular construction to produce steel remote instrument enclosure (RIE) buildings that offer reliable and cost-effective equipment protection. 

Data Center RIE Buildings  

Today's businesses depend on the high level of connectivity that your large-scale data center facilitates. At TPMG, we understand the impact of a single lapse in your data center operations. We design, engineer, manufacture and integrate RIE buildings for the nation's largest data centers. Our experts are ready to collaborate with you on a data center E-House that will allow you to consistently provide the connectivity your customers need. 

Our RIE buildings are modular structures that feature durable materials like galvanized steel. Using an RIE to house data center equipment like servers, routers and information security systems will protect it from environmental threats like rain and debris. Our building options include:

  • Blast-rated RIE buildings for data centers: These structures enhance the protection your data center equipment receives. TPMG develops blast-resistant buildings for data centers to preserve the equipment inside if an explosion or fire occurs nearby. Our structures also contain blasts and fires that may happen on the inside. 
  • Non-blast-rated RIE: These standard options will safeguard your critical equipment from moisture and humidity.

Turnkey Data Center RIE Building Capabilities 

TPMG is your single-source partner for modular buildings that protect vital data center equipment. We have a team of designers and engineers ready to develop schematics for an RIE building that will house and protect your data center equipment. 

We also employ manufacturers who bring our engineering team's schematics to life using efficient modular construction methods. TPMG's 65,000-square-foot facility is large enough to manufacture each component at once. 

We'll deliver your RIE modules to your property, build your structure and integrate it with your utilities. We're also available to develop and implement additional modules as your data center's needs change. 

Why Choose an RIE Building for Your Data Center? 

Your data center is full of electrical equipment that makes high-level connectivity a reality for businesses and consumers across a wide area. Finding an effective, affordable housing and protection solution for your electrical equipment is critical, and RIE buildings are among the best solutions. 

An RIE building features durable materials that cover data center equipment on all sides. What's more, these structures contain HVAC infrastructure and insulation to maintain hospitable temperatures while conserving energy. RIE buildings are also pressurized and ventilated to improve air quality and equipment cooling processes. 

One of the most significant benefits of choosing an RIE building for your data center is that these structures come in modules. Modular construction enables us to build RIE structures quickly at our facility, saving time and money you'd otherwise spend hauling materials to your location and building a structure from the ground up. Additionally, it's possible to create new modules that expand or update your data center RIE building with minimal downtime for installation. 

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