Blast Rated RIE Data Centers

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Integrating Blast Rated RIE’s to Secure Your Data Center

As the industry and everything around us becomes increasingly connected at the touch of our fingertips and the on-demand lifestyle, the infrastructure that makes it all possible must be upgraded to meet the demand.

TPMG designs, engineers, manufactures and integrates blasted rated RIE’s to meet the demands our customers are faced with on a daily basis. 

The high level of connectivity today’s businesses depend on is facilitated by large scale data center operations. TPMG understands the impact of a single lapse in your data center operations and how that can result in millions of dollars of downtime.

TPMG recognizes the need for cost-effective reliable blast rated enclosure solutions that can be integrated in a controlled manufacturing facility and delivered to site as a plug-and-play solution.

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Data Center Structures

  • Quality Manufacturing: TPMG delivers consistent high quality blast rated blast rated Data Center RIE solutions from Houston based ISO 9001 certified fabrication and manufacturing facilities.

  • Capacity: With a facility of over 65,000+ SF, TPMG has the capacity to produce projects on any scale.

  • Delivery Timelines: TPMG’s turn-key ‘Ready for Anything’ approach results in accelerated construction time frames due to it’s in house conception to execution teams

  • Supply Coordination: Our in house TPMG project management team designs and engineers solutions and coordinates a supply chain of thousands of components.

  • Integrated RIE Solutions: TPMG offers our clients a turnkey solution for blast rated data center needs, which includes full electrical and technical  integration of new data centers upon delivery.

  • Testing Capabilities: Beyond manufacturing, TPMG’s facility is equipped for extensive testing to ensure long-term product performance and reliability

  • Project Management: Our dedicated and experienced project management teams are focused on understanding your needs to deliver a fully optimized solution

  • Ease of Doing Business: TPMG has been locally-owned and operated throughout its history. Our owners are actively managing the company every day, and that daily involvement leads to responsive decisions that the company will always honor.


Three reasons to choose TPMG for your Blast Rated Data Center RIE Partner:

1. Quality Construction You Can Trust

TPMG’s standard is to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations and nothing less. By crafting an enclosure your exact needs and providing thorough quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, TPMG offers a reliable finished product. Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment before being moved to the job site. That means we can complete quality checks on the production line multiple times, throughout various stages of the project.           

2. Innovative Processes for a Durable Product   

In an ever changing and dynamic industry, the world needs a creative and adaptable company - that’s who we are at TPMG. TPMG is constantly exploring new technologies and methods for completing power systems during data center construction. In addition to staying innovative TPMG deploys unique project management techniques to guide projects from start to finish.         

3. Speed to Save you Time   

TPMG offers faster lead times without sacrificing quality. Our ability to perform with speed and efficiency has allowed TPMG to stay ahead of the competition.