Structural & Mechanical Engineering

Structural & Mechanical Engineering

Total Plant Management Group offers comprehensive structural and mechanical engineering services for organizations in sectors like energy generation, telecommunications, military and government. Our experienced civil and structural engineers will work with you to develop structures and machines that meet your needs. We're also available to assess your existing project and provide honest feedback. 

TPMG's structural and mechanical engineering teams have experience navigating numerous challenges relating to weather, seismic events, explosions and more, so choose our industrial structural engineering services for an effective solution. 

Structural and Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

Your organization faces unique challenges as it navigates various regulations and ecological attributes. Structural and mechanical engineering focuses on developing frameworks that thrive within their intended environments. Careful engineering considers environmental pressures and stresses to formulate plans for structures and machines that offer the highest levels of efficiency, safety and reliability. 

At TPMG, our engineers conduct assessments and run calculations that enable the development of strong, long-lasting steel structures. We also leverage our experience and resources to engineer updates and retrofits for existing steel structures. Common projects we engineer include: 

  • Remote instrument enclosures (RIE).
  • Processing buildings.
  • Sound attenuated enclosures.
  • Control rooms.
  • Switchgear enclosures.
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) or selective catalytic reduction (SCR) houses.
  • Analyzer buildings and shelters.
  • Laboratories.
  • Field offices and shelters.
  • Operator shelters.
  • Security buildings.

Benefits of Industrial or Mechanical Engineering Services

As your organization and its needs expand, you'll need structures that can house the equipment and personnel vital to your success. Whether you're adding a new control room at your facility or installing a temporary workstation at a field site, working with professional engineers will maximize the value you receive from the structure while ensuring your organization operates at peak efficiency. There are numerous advantages to hiring industrial structural or mechanical engineering services from a company like TPMG: 

  • Strength: Engineers consider the environment and the factors that could cause structural stress when designing buildings that withstand daily obstacles. 
  • Compliance: Our team understands the regulatory constraints your industry faces and develops compliant buildings, saving your organization from violation fees. 
  • Safety: Structures engineered to withstand their environments will remain intact through situations that could cause structural failure, protecting the personnel operating in and around the buildings. 
  • Customization: Engineers leverage knowledge and multi-industry experience to tailor project designs around your most specific needs. 
  • Integration: TPMG also offers electrical engineering so that mechanical and structural engineers can produce structures that integrate seamlessly with electrical components. 

Request a Quote From America's Premier Engineers 

TPMG is a turnkey engineering, fabrication and integration company based in the United States. We're committed to familiarizing ourselves with your needs and engineering solutions that meet them. 

Backed by a history of excellence and a team of certified civil and structural engineers, TPMG is ready to develop structures that drive your organization toward its efficiency goals. You can count on us for clear communication and studious attention to detail as we engineer structures and machines that enhance your capabilities. 

Ready to develop reliable structures that respond to your environment and facilitate productivity? TPMG is here to help. Request a quote to discuss structural and mechanical engineering solutions today.