Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Total Plant Management Group offers industrial electrical engineering solutions for businesses working in energy, telecommunications, military, government and other industries. Our engineers develop electrical equipment that considers the most intricate details about your facility and industry requirements. Propelling you toward your goals is our primary motive, so count on us to leverage our experience and resources to develop a solution that enhances your capabilities. Please request a quote for more details about receiving a custom electrical engineering solution for your organization. 

Professional Electrical Engineering Services

Your business thrives when every aspect works together toward your goals. Just as your personnel unites to achieve high productivity levels, your facility's electrical infrastructure can feature a cohesive design with various components working to generate the energy you need in the most efficient manner. 

At TPMG, we offer electrical engineering services that optimize various components and systems for your organization's needs. We'll assess your facility and run calculations allowing us to engineer electrical features that meet all size, capacity and performance requirements. As a company with turnkey capabilities, we also perform marshalling, quality checks and installation services. 

TPMG engineers customize the following systems and more: 

  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Batteries 
  • Lighting 
  • Control panels 
  • Networking and fiber optics infrastructure
  • Distribution panels
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) infrastructures and interfaces 
  • Communication interfaces 
  • Cable trays and conduits 
  • Fire and gas interfaces

Experienced Engineers at Your Service  

When you choose TPMG for industrial electrical engineering services, you're partnering with skilled engineers ready to embrace your industry's unique challenges. Our team members will assess your situation and perform calculations that produce effective electrical systems that will benefit your organization in numerous ways:

  • Optimize processes: We'll engineer electrical systems that allow your personnel and machinery to operate at peak efficiency. 
  • Reduce downtime: The solutions we engineer will rise to your performance needs without disruption or delay, helping your organization maximize uptime. 
  • Protect personnel and assets: Our custom electrical engineering solutions will respond to your environment to ensure safe operation, reducing the risk of injury or equipment damage.  

Premier Electrical Engineering From TPMG

TPMG takes pride in offering custom electrical engineering solutions to produce tangible results for businesses across sectors. Customers choose TPMG for our: 

  • Broad experience: TPMG's engineers work with organizations in numerous industries and resolve many unique challenges. We'll leverage our expertise to engineer optimal electrical solutions for your facility. 
  • Reliable engineering: Our engineers are diligent and precise in all assessments and calculations. You can trust our equipment to meet your needs and allow you to navigate every challenge. 
  • History of excellence: TPMG builds on the legacy of excellent American engineering and customer service by providing dependable need-based solutions that last. 
  • Fast work: We keep lead times low by using the most efficient engineering practices and operating within a comprehensive framework that enables us to move smoothly between project phases. 
  • Turnkey capabilities: At TPMG, our offerings extend beyond electrical engineering. We're your single source for design, engineering, fabrication, manufacturing and more. 

Request a Quote for Electrical Engineering Services 

TPMG is ready to engineer a unique solution for your facility's electrical needs. To learn more about our electrical engineering services for your industry, request a quote or contact us online today!