Industrial Project Design & Engineering

Industrial Project Design & Engineering

Total Plant Management Group designs structures and machines according to your business's needs and your facility's specifications. Our industrial project design engineering services include automation programming, system integration, testing and database development. 

TPMG offers design services from professional engineers with expertise in programmable logic controller (PLC) and distributed control system (DCS) programming. We'll customize software, information systems, safety systems and other elements to optimize and automate your processes. Request a quote from TPMG for turnkey design services from one of the United States' leading engineer teams. 

Our Industrial Design Services 

TPMG is on your side from concept to completion. We design control rooms, equipment rooms, micro stations, blast-rated buildings, metering skids, electrical switch racks and other systems that will empower your organization to perform at its best. Our design services cover numerous steps that ensure the best structure or machinery for your situation:

  • Site surveying: Determining positions, alignments, elevations and other factors that will influence the design process.
  • Junction box verification: Confirming that your junction boxes suit your facility and feature enough coverage. 
  • Cable scheduling: Determining cable types, sizes, lengths, terminations, conduit details and more. 
  • Cable tray layout: Plotting the structures that will support cables running between points. 
  • Loop sheet creation: Establishing detailed control system diagrams. 
  • SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) integration: Outfitting your facility with the software needed to maintain instrument records, standardize procedures and lay the groundwork for automation. 
  • Material takeoff: Listing the necessary resources to complete a project after its design. 
  • Drawing and construction package creation: Developing precise, highly-detailed drawings of the structure or machine we'll build. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Engineers for Industrial Project Design

Choosing a team of professional engineers to design your industrial project will ensure the best results. Here's how your organization can benefit from partnering with an experienced company for industrial project design engineering solutions:

  • Turnkey services: A professional organization like TPMG offers a range of capabilities and can achieve optimal outcomes. Our designers and engineers leverage connections with other departments to develop effective plans that are easy to implement. Additionally, having a hand in every step of the process allows us to infuse our passion for quality into each phase. 
  • Low costs: Our experienced engineers minimize costs by developing intuitive designs that optimize future processes. TPMG manufacturing and integration teams will use these precise designs to improve lead times and maximize the finished project's scalability.
  • Broad expertise: TPMG designers understand relevant concepts that allow them to form airtight project plans. Designers draw on experience with structural mechanics, building materials, system integration and automation when developing project schematics.


Organizations across the U.S. choose TPMG for industrial project design engineering services. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering:

  • Custom project designs. 
  • ISO-9000-certified manufacturing. 
  • Turnkey capabilities. 
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Experience in your industry. 

Contact Us for Industrial Project Design Engineering Services

TPMG is ready to assess your facility, consider your goals and develop industrial project design engineering solutions that enhance your capabilities. We encourage you to request a quote to begin discussing a custom project design for your organization.