Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

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Staying ahead in a competitive and dynamic market, you must adapt and constantly innovate. In an ever-evolving industry posing new challenges. We are constantly working to understand and anticipate your needs. Working together from idea conception to project completion, we are your partners in solving the most complex engineering challenges.

Driven to innovate designs and performance, our engineering teams comprised of Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Control System & Instrumentation and Design engineers, are continually striving to deliver customized solutions that meets and exceeds our client’s requirements and specifications. Using the latest structural and simulation software, we are continually pushing forward to ensure our customers; the very best fully integrated blast resistant and general-purpose pre-fabricated buildings in the industry.

Industrial Control Systems & Automation

Industrial Control Systems & Automation
  • PLC / DCS neutral
  • Control systems upgrade
  • Logic development
  • HMI development
  • Complex loop design
  • Batch applications engineering
  • Boiler & Turbine Controls
  • Burner Management System
  • Simulation development
  • Front end design
  • Graphics & applications
  • Plant Controls Balance
  • Startup & Loop tuning

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering
  • UPS design & procurement
  • Battery sizing & procurement
  • Power distribution panels 480/120/24 V AC
  • Cable sizing
  • Cable tray and Conduit filing calculations
  • Cable tray and Conduit routing
  • Lighting
  • Fire and Gas interface
  • HVAC interface & calculations
  • Terminations
  • Quality check
  • Medium and high voltage gear installations

Structural & Mechanical Engineering

Structural & Mechanical Engineering
  • Steel Buildings – (Blast rated/General purpose/Modular)
  • Skids
  • PE review and stamping (any state)
  • Structural calculations
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDE/NDI)