Blast Rated Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE)

Protecting your people and critical equipment from events such as blasts, ballistic impact and natural disasters is paramount to securing operational ability in the midst of of a unforeseen event.  To effectively protect your personal and equipment and ensure that your facility remains functional offers Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE) that are both blast and ballistic resistant and designed to stand up to natural disasters.

TPMG RIE’s are designed and engineered to protect operator control rooms, emissions control monitoring, satellite field operations, electrical switchgear, electronic control rooms,  remote power generation, UPS stations and more. Our modular RIE design allows for simple customization to meet the blast resistant RIE needs of your facilities.

Remote Instrument Enclosures Quality Assurance

TPMG has a proven track record in the design, engineering, instrument layout, panel construction and integration of automation and control projects for the process industries globally.  The remote instrument enclosure (RIE) is a skid-mounted, self-contained building, delivered to the client’s facility pre-wired, pre-tested and fully integrated with power distribution and sufficient input / output (I/O) capacity for existing plant unit requirements, plus additional expansion capability. The insulated, fully redundant air conditioned building is pressurized and air purified, necessary for operation of the control system equipment.

TPMG offers our customers a distinct advantage in regards to cost effectiveness and on time delivery for RIE projects.  With our vast internal resources and strategic partners we are able to offer our customers the benefit of working with a single source supplier and  point responsibility. TPMG is unique and our customers are able to benefit from the the strategic design of our operations. We are one of the few companies domestically that offers the ability to fabricate the building’s shell and in-house cabinet integration capabilities.  In addition we provide complete field integration for our RIE solutions with electrical hook up and and instrument integration at a customer’s facility.