TPMG Constructs One-of-a-Kind Class 2 Div 2 Blast Rated Building

HOUSTON, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Total Plant Management Group (TPMG) recently constructed one of the first of its kind in Texas, a multi-level modular blast-rated building.

TPMG Constructs OneofaKind Class 2 Div2

TPMG manufactures a one of a kind Class 2 Div.2 multi-tier blast rated building.

TPMG was elected to design and construct a Blast-Rated Building on behalf of Hargrove.

The project was constructed to be 100% explosive-proof and measures 76 feet x 40 feet x 40 feet. This massive steel Class 2 Div 2 building was completed in just under 8 months, a record for its 3-story height, especially since the project was well on its way during the height of Hurricane Harvey effecting the Greater Houston area. The industry standard blast rated buildings are only a mere 32 feet in height and can take up to 2 years to complete.

"This project is unique for many reasons," stated Maśruque Ali, Head of Business Development at TPMG, "The building is three stacks with 3 levels of platform with an open mezzanine from top to bottom throughout. It [the project] was completed for the end purpose at a chemical plant that has a blast zone, or blast radius, for a mixing unit used for polymers. This too is the first of its kind for any chemical plant in the area."

TPMG begins each project from 'conception to completion' and prides themselves on completing projects in a timely manner that offers a quality integrated solution for their clients.


About TPMG:
Strategically headquartered in Houston, Texas, TPMG is able to collaborate with customers in the upstream, downstream, midstream, chemical, petrochemical and power generation industry amongst others to design and develop innovative pre-fabricated steel buildings customized for clients' needs.

TPMG is recognized for their quality, reliability, and safety across multiple industries. In a global market that demands more than ever from partner companies, TPMG is raising the status quo on what it means to exceed customer expectations.


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