Blast Rated Panels & Enclosures

Blast Rated Panels & Enclosures

Total Plant Management Group engineers, manufactures and installs control panels and control enclosures for commercial needs. Our experts work with power generation, telecommunications, military and government organizations to develop panels and enclosures that rise to meet specific industry challenges. We provide turnkey services that ensure you receive and maintain the ideal solution for your facility, so request a quote for control panels and gas enclosures from TPMG today. 

Standard and Blast-Rated Control Panels 

Equipment like control panels and switchgear are vital to your facility's electrical infrastructure. Installing a control panel that satisfies your power needs will ensure your facility has the electricity necessary to continue providing services to your employees and customers. Furthermore, a control panel made to perform in your facility's environment will operate with the greatest efficiency and the lowest chance for damage. 

TPMG develops control panels and related equipment according to your organization's needs. Our engineers and manufacturers produce numerous types of control panels, including blast-resistant panels that withstand explosions. Our control panel options include:  

  • Motor control centers (MCC).
  • Switchgear.
  • Fire and gas panels.

Standard and Blast-Rated Control Panel Enclosures 

Control panels and other parts of your electrical infrastructure are essential to your organization's success, so protect them behind dependable enclosures. At TPMG, we engineer numerous types of control panel enclosures, including those that withstand some explosions. We'll work with you to determine the ideal size and material for the enclosure before manufacturing a product that matches your specifications. Our engineers develop plans for enclosures in any environment inside or outside of your facility. 

TPMG enclosure options include: 

  • Marshalling cabinets. 
  • Programmable logic control (PLC) cabinets.  
  • Distributed control system (DCS) cabinets. 
  • Gas tank enclosures. 

Customize Control Panels and Enclosures for Your Facility 

At TPMG, we distinguish ourselves by offering turnkey services when your company needs control panels and enclosures. Our experts cover each step of the process from design to implementation to provide products that meet your facility's specific challenges. Work with us to customize a control panel or enclosure for your organization. 

When you choose TPMG, we'll collect information about your facility to determine its power needs and the most likely hazards that could threaten your equipment. This data will help us engineer a unique control panel and enclosure for your facility. Choosing our custom control panel and enclosure engineering services will protect your facility against any likely indoor or outdoor environmental hazards and ensure your equipment allows your facility to operate at peak efficiency. 

Why Total Plant Management Group?

TPMG is proud to serve organizations across various sectors. We leverage our experience and commitment to quality to provide control panels and control enclosures that rise to the most unique challenges you face at your facility. Choose TPMG for:

  • Personalized designs. 
  • Dependable American manufacturing. 
  • Responsive customer support. 
  • Cost-effective construction. 

Contact TPMG Today for a Quote

TPMG's control panels and blast-resistant control enclosures feature personalized designs and diligent construction, so work with us for engineering, manufacturing and beyond. We're ready to discuss your facility's needs and develop a plan to meet them, so request a quote today.