Total Plant Management Group 

Total Plant Management Group engineers and fabricates steel electrical houses (E-Houses) that protect critical electrical equipment. Trust our team to build a custom enclosure building for your facility. 

Reliable Builds According to Your Specifications 

TPMG is a turnkey engineering and fabrication company serving businesses in numerous industries. We pride ourselves on the reliable manufacturing of durable blast resistant and non-blast resistant steel buildings. Our prefabricated enclosures arrive at your facility or job site prewired, pretested, pressurized and fully integrated with power distribution components, meaning you'll reduce downtime while saving on installation expenses. 

Beyond quality, TPMG also offers premier personalization options for enclosure buildings. Our dedicated engineering and design teams will work with you to determine and apply your specifications. Our custom E-Houses fit your equipment and the environment just right for optimal protection and efficiency. 

Standard and Blast Rated RIE Buildings

TPMG delivers prefabricated steel enclosure buildings for businesses in numerous industries. As one of the nation's leading prefabricated steel building manufacturers, we engineer control buildings that ensure the safety of all equipment and personnel at the most dangerous job sites. We produce standard and blast rated steel buildings that arrive prewired and ready to work.  

We engineer and fabricate RIE buildings for the following industries: 

Any system generating power or associated with power generation needs reliable protection from environmental hazards and explosions. TPMG's enclosure buildings house gensets and other necessary electrical infrastructure to keep power and energy facilities operational. Work with us to engineer a custom energy industry enclosure building.
Data center operations grow more complex each year, further establishing the need for reliable electrical infrastructure. A modular control enclosure building will protect the components that keep your data center' network operational. We'll customize and prewire a control enclosure building for your data center that fits its spacial and electrical requirements.
Consistent power access helps busy municipal offices keep up with heavy workloads. TPMG enclosure buildings house and protect electrical components outside government buildings at every level. We'll design and construct an enclosure that saves time and taxpayer dollars.
TPMG serves military bases nationwide when they need consistent power access. We design and fabricate modular control enclosure buildings that house electrical components critical for keeping your base operational. Our custom blast rated steel buildings for military bases will safeguard equipment from environmental hazards and military equipment incidents.
Our experience in blast and non-blast rated systems lets us deliver cost-efficient solutions to meet all of our customers’ needs for better, longer-term protection.
TPMG fabricates and engineers control enclosure buildings for the telecommunications industry. Our durable, blast rated enclosures withstand environmental conditions that threaten your telecom facility's power access. We'll help you provide the communications services your customers count on in all weather conditions.

Our Services

TPMG is here to offer the services you need in ways that empower your business to succeed. Our solutions pave the way for safe, efficient work in the warehouse and in the field. As a turnkey service provider, you can count on us to assist your company in every step of the project. 

Fabrication and Manufacturing

Our cutting-edge technology provides fabrication services that save your business money while reducing downtime. Work with TPMG for superior results from a blast rated building fabrication company with some of the world's most talented metal fabrication and welding professionals: 

Engineering and Design

We develop innovative designs for the electrical systems you need to meet and exceed production goals. Choose TPMG for personalized engineering and design services: 

Hundreds of Successful Builds Complete 

TPMG has designed, fabricated and integrated thousands of control enclosure buildings for companies across industries. Our project portfolio ranges from large on-campus enclosures to module units that offer dependable performance in the field. We encourage you to visit our gallery for examples of our past and ongoing work. 

Why Choose TPMG?

TPMG is a dependable turnkey partner for durable, cost-effective control enclosure buildings: 

  • Safety: We develop some of the world's strongest blast resistant control enclosure buildings. You can count on our engineering and fabrication services to produce a steel building that protects the personnel and equipment inside from environmental and occupational hazards. 
  • Reliability: TPMG enclosures withstand the most taxing environments. Work with us to customize an integrated solution fit to rise to your application's challenges.  
  • History: We're a proud American company that works hard each day to deliver a superior level of quality. Our experienced engineers and fabricators produce enclosures that last for years.
  • Savings: Our attention to detail, prefabricated deliveries and turnkey services ensure you receive a building that meets your efficiency and performance requirements. We minimize downtime with enclosures that are ready to go at delivery and any time after. 

Work With TPMG

Ready to integrate a custom RIE building for your facility of field site? TPMG is here to help. We invite you to contact us online or request a quote for a custom solution. 




In a global market that expects no delay, TPMG sets the standard for blast resistant, modular, non-blast rated steel buildings, control system automation tools and other products. We bring our customers integrated engineering solutions and products to meet their challenging and complex needs.



Renowned for quality and performance in the most challenging environments on Earth, TPMG provides the integrated solutions you can count on. Scalable, and always reliable, TPMG delivers real time solutions that are focused on improving customer efficiencies and productivity.

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An American Company

TPMG lives up to the traditions of American quality and service by building products that last a lifetime. Proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured at our innovative facilities in the United States, our teams are always available for outstanding technical support and training.