TPMG : Services

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Water
  • Engineering Services
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Fiber Optic Solutions
  • Power Distribution Solutions

TPMG : Manufacturing

  • Marshalling Cabinets
  • Junction Boxes & Control Panels
  • Turbine/compressor Control Rooms
  • Power/MCC control buildings
  • Sub Stations
  • Pricision Abraisive Water-Jet Cutting

TPMG:Mechanical Fabrication

  • Pipeline Fabrication
  • Structural Welding
  • Vessel Welding
  • Pipeline Facility Design
  • Material Specification
  • Metering / Custody Transfer facilities


Total Plant Management Group, Inc (TPMG) is one of the leading engineering and manufacturing solutions provider serving industrial customers around the world for the ten years. Our Goal is to provide a complete engineering package from start to finish. We are located in on 23,500 square feet facility at 6919 Mayard Rd., Houston, Texas 77041 with capabilities of fabrication and manufacturing panels, MCC/Switchgear buildings and RIEs. We also support a large system staging area and a well furnished training center. In addition, TPMG has another 40,000 sq ft facility that is fully equipped to fabricate piping and metering skids.

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  • TPMG works on Burner Management System.
  • TPMG provides Boiler Control Services.
  • Water treatment and Waste water plant controls by TPMG.
  • PLC/DCS programming, Complex loop designs done by TPMG.
  • Logic development and Electrical Designs by TPMG .
  • Database generation HMI development and Safety systems.

Latest Projects

A project from Honeywell (Nebraska Power) of Configuration, Feild Support, Start Up Tuning, Honeywell TDC 3000 from Engineering Control System Depatment, and manufactuing of NPPD-7 Units Consoles are started.

Another project from FMC Technologies (Aramco / Saudi) of Metering Skids from Piping and Metering Depatment is going on.

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