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At TPMG, we believe that our customers should be able to work safely, quickly and reliably with one another - whenever, wherever.

That is why at TPMG, we work tirelessly to design and develop innovative pre-fabricated steel buildings customized for your needs. Our expertise lies in the design and fabrication of blast resistant and non blast rated steel buildings, modular buildings and control system automation tools.

TPMG is recognized for their quality, reliability, and safety across multiple industries. In a global market that demands more than ever from partner companies, TPMG is raising the status quo on what it means to exceed customer expectations.

Strategically headquartered in Houston, Texas, we are able to collaborate with our customers in the upstream, downstream, midstream, chemical, petrochemical and power generation industry amongst others.

Our products are focused on protecting the people and equipment that our customers rely on for daily critical functions.

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In a global market that expects no delay, TPMG sets the standard for blast resistant, modular, non-blast rated steel buildings, control system automation tools and other products. We bring our customers integrated engineering solutions and products to meet their challenging and complex needs.


Renowned for quality and performance in the most challenging environments on Earth, TPMG provides the integrated solutions you can count on. Scalable, and always reliable, TPMG delivers real time solutions that are focused on improving customer efficiencies and productivity.

An American Company

TPMG lives up to the traditions of American quality and service by building products that last a lifetime. Proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured at our innovative facilities in the United States, our teams are always available for outstanding technical support and training.

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