Executive Team

Muna AHmed



"Our GOAL at TPMG is to provide quality Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing solutions to our clients with high level of flexibility.  At the same time, we are rigid in our commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction, ethics, high quality standards, constant vigilance on safety and technical excellence"

Successful woman entrepreneur, Muna Ahmed, is a young, multi-talented and dynamic leader. She has over 20 years of experience in technical sales and operations  in the oil and gas industry.  She received her Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, Masters degree in Computer Engineering and is currently working on her MBA program from University of Houston. Muna brings in lot of value, leadership, experience and operational background.  Her in-depth knowledge and excellent people skills have consistently helped TPMG to grow into a successful and highly performed organization.

TPMG's success is based on its senior management team being a collection of strong individuals providing a balanced perspective derived from experience within each major layer of the high tech supply chain -- from Engineering to Industrial Manufacturing to OEMs to components distribution to contract manufacturing. This team’s well-grounded understanding of its partners' needs is the CEO’s pure entrepreneurial drive to share in healthy business growth with those partners. Let us meet this dynamic team......

sub mohan, pe, pmp



"Our VALUE add to our customer is the "One Stop Shop" concept.  Be it Engineering, Procurement or Manufacturing, with our worldwide resources and quick mobilization capabilities, we make a huge difference in a competitive business.  We value our employees ad owe our customers, both of them together make our world." 


Sub Mohan has over 35 years of experience in  different Engineering discipline.  He is well known in the industry for his Control Systems expertise in the Power sector. He received his Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology.  He has extensive international experience combined with hands on technical skills.  Mohan has held many senior level positions in several large industrial automation companies such as Honeywell, Yokogawa and Emerson.  He brings in a lot of value in the area of Sales, Estimation, Engineering Management and Planning skills.   Mohan's technical knowledge have made him an asset to TPMG's professional success. 





"Production requires enormous planning and well coordinated execution. Over the years TPMG has built up the tools and facilities required to execute manufacturing activities of wide range of equipment, from a small junction box to large scale system integration."


Abul Aurangzeb acquired over 10 years of production experience in oil and gas industry.  He received his Bachelors degree in Information Technology from University of Houston.  He brings in extensive experience in managing labor force and all aspects of production.  His strength in estimating, budgeting, planning, scheduling and managing projects made him an asset to TPMG's growth.    




"TPMG is committed to every customer who visits our facility, short term or long.  We treat them with respect, take care of their needs and want them to leave satisfied.  We take tremendous pride in this."


Roger Guerrette is a solid leader, a professional who wins the respect of other through his integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in all that he does as well as all the individuals that he manages. Roger brought over 40 years of experience in Pipeline industry.  His extensive manufacturing and technical skills help TPMG to run its operation smoothly on a day to day operation.  In addition to operational responsibilities, Roger also overseas and leads the financial side of the company. His financial administrative quality together with manufacturing skills have gained TPMG financial strength.  

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